In many ways this video communicates why I am so passionate about wedding videography, but also why I think EVERY bride and groom need… no… why they deserve to have their story told with excellence and artistry.

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  1. You’re probably sick of my blog comments…but I can’t help but comment on this. I LOVE the video…you said everything so well, and the footage you showed was amazing. If anyone reading this is a potential future bride or groom of John’s…take it from me…it is totally worth it! Coastline Studios did my and my husband’s wedding video 4 years ago, and we still cherish our story on DVD, and will for years to come! It’s an investment…but is the best investment you may ever make.

  2. John-

    I loved it and not just because my husband and I are in it. Your passion for what you do, that was captured in this video is the very reason we decided to hire you without ever meeting. You do incredible work and we are so honored to have had you capture our day as beautifully as you did. Bottom line? You rock. Hard!

  3. This is why someday, we will renew our vows in a tropical location and have the Coastline Crew record it all! I love you, you are amazing. ~Amy (the wife :-))

  4. I love how this video is so genuine and heartfelt. Not only are you a talented videographer but a sincere, warmhearted person. You truly are a gifted individual and your work is simply stunning. I cried through the entire video of Mike and Alishan. I loved working with this couple and it was such a thrill to see the final product. Thank you so much for sharing your time, talent and passion! Best of luck in 2009!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. It captures what’s in your heart and your passion for what you do. It’s no surprise that your product reflects creativity and sincere tenderness. Seeing your work makes me want to go back and marry my husband all over again- just so you could be there behind a camera!
    May you shine in 2009!

  6. The pride and the passion you have for your everday work is so apparent, not only in your HIGH quality work you output, but the smile on your face when you explain your work is priceless. Great job on your website and promo material. Makes me want to get married all over again just so I may use your skills to capture the day!

  7. I echo the comments here! Makes me want to marry my wife all over again!! If John can do this good on a promo imagine what he can do for your wedding or event!!

  8. I am so paying you to do mine one day. You deserve all the praise in these postings! Truly a master of your craft! Keep it up (Not that you won’t).

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