It was a rare but beautiful sunny day in Grand Rapids on Saturday and Christy and Aaron were so excited to begin their married lives together.  They were such a fun couple in every way…  The kind of couple us photographers love to shoot because they are just so full of love and joy and never stop smiling or laughing.  Here are a few quick highlights…





The Fluorescent lights were doing this weird and yet very cool thing with the white balance on “Auto” setting… this was taken on a completely white table top surface in flat even lighting.  Pretty sweet.



This was drawn on the white board in the room where Aaron got dressed. : )



Had to throw in this fun candid of Aaron.


Amidst the sub 20 degree weather, Christy and Aaron braved the cold for a few portraits.


I love these next two shots!



Tickling always gets some great moments…






A private moment just after they were married.


Love this toast shot.



And a ring shot to close this post.


Thanks Christy and Aaron for choosing me to capture your incredible day together!

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  1. Loved Christy and Aaron! And LOVE the shots you captured! You are so very talented!! What an honor to be part of their special day and to work with you! I had so much fun-a very relaxed atmosphere full of love and emotion and you are so calm and cool!:) Amazing day-thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!!

  2. John: You have totally made the mother of the bride cry (again) today as her dad and I have looked at these beautiful pictures!!! We can’t wait to see the entire collection. You have so captured the perfect day that it was for all of us. As Paul said on our way home from the wedding…our family is now complete…. Thank you for your professional work, but most of all, your sweet spirit throughout the day as you became a part of one of our most special days. Blessings…

  3. What a privilege and an honor it was to meet both you and Kelly. You guys did an awesome job. As the wedding coordinator, my prayer was for Aaron and Christy’s day to run as smoothly as possible and that they would absolutely enjoy every moment. The pictures you took definitely capture the love between Christy and Aaron while at the same time making it fun and stress free. Thank you for putting up with me if I got too bossy! Ha ha! Seriously, you were the best! Blessings…

  4. Simply put…what a GORGEOUS job you folks did of capturing a beautiful ceremony! It was a great day, and I know my wife (Christy’s cousin) will be thrilled to see these!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What beautiful pictures. I feel as if I were there in person. You truly have a God-given talent in capturing the essence of moments. Christy’s mom is one of my very best
    friends, and I know she will cherish these photos in the years ahead. Thanks for
    giving her (and Paul) these memories on film.

  6. I love the pictures. It is evident that you two are made for one another. I will be praying for a God filled marriage. I so enjoyed viewing the photos.
    Sandra Carter

  7. Christy and Aaron – We so wished we could have shared in your amazing beginning to a blessed life together! – Thanks for sharing the pictures – These photographic memories are amazing – Can’t wait to see the rest! – Praying for both of you and your new journey together! – trust me it only gets better!
    Loren and Pamela Essenburg

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