Wow what a weekend I just had!  I had a rehearsal dinner Thursday, a wedding Friday, a high-end birthday event on Saturday, and a Wedding in the Detriot area on Sunday.  I did photography for all of them, and also video for the birthday event as well as the Detroit wedding… Whew!  Much thanks to my 2nd shooters Holly Henderson on Friday, and Ryan Prins on Saturday and Sunday.  And thanks to my incredible team for your excellent video skills this weekend!  I couldn’t have done it without all of your help!

In all I personally took over 7500 pictures in this past weekend!  If you add in my 2nd shooter’s pictures on all these events, that number is well over 11,000 images!  Thats a lot of post processing and editing to do!!!

So here’s the plan… with so many pictures to work through, I’m going to blog each event separately over the next few days… so lots of pictures are coming soon!  So keep checking back.  Today however (Monday) I took the day off… but tomorrow its back to work… and hopefully I’ll get some images up here soon!

Knowing my weekend was going to be packed, my wife Amy (along with my daughter Alexa) took advantage of a good last minute plane fair to Iowa to visit her parents.  This is the first time I’ve not seen my daughter within a 24 hour period, so needless to say I miss seeing her cute little smile and happy noises and dance motions.  So in honor of her 10 month birthday (which was Sunday), here’s a picture I took not long ago.  A bunch of you have been bugging me for more pictures of Alexa, so here’s a quick fix for ya’ll… more will come soon, I promise.


I miss you Amy and Alexa!

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  1. Oh my goodness it was MUCH worth the wait! she is too adorable for words!

    Also, thanks so much for your amazing work on Saturday. It was a true pleasure and joy to work with you!

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