Well last weekend’s wedding was quite the event. After a great spring-like week we had a very rainy and cold weekend… perfect for a wedding. : ) As much as I love outdoor summer weddings, there’s something special about a winter or rainy day wedding. It forces you to be resourceful, and find new ways of taking great portraits.

The day started off dry… and for a moment I thought we might beat the rain.


But right after everyone was ready for pictures… the rain came down strong.


So… what to do… … BE CREATIVE OF COURSE! One idea I came up with was to shoot from outside through a window of the couple inside, and use one of my strobe lights to add some dramatic lighting. It took a little coordinating with Ryan but we were able to make adjustments over the phone until we got the lighting set right.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Ryan snapped a shot of me in the rain holding an unbrella in one hand, and my camera in the other with my cell wedged on my shoulder.


Here was a test shot I took of Ryan helping me set up the shot.

And here’s one of the final results!


The hallway above with the big windows was a great spot for some more portraits. Here’s a few favorites.




Another spot we set up was in the sanctuary. Using 1 to 2 lights, I was able to get some fantastic indoor portraits.



Another highlight for me involved the Jessalyn’s bouquet. The florist somehow misunderstood or messed up Jessalyn’s flowers and was nothing close to what she ordered or expected at all. Needless to say Jessalyn was disappointed… and in my opinion no bride should be disappointed on her wedding day… at least if there’s anything I can do about it.

So I called my friend Natalee from Mulick Floral whom I recently did some photo’s for, and asked if she might be able to help out. I communicated what Jessalyn was hoping for and she said she’d try… but that a lot of the flowers she wanted were typically special order flowers… and not easy to find. But she said she’d go look and see what she could come up with  and to call her back in 45 minutes.  Sure enough Natalee came through with an amazing arrangement that was EXACTLY what Jessalyn had been hoping for.  I was blown away… not only was it beautiful, but it was exactly what she wanted! Here’s a shot of the beautiful bouquet that Mulick Floral delivered.


And here is what she had before… NOT EVEN CLOSE to what she ordered. (see below) In fact it wasn’t all that much bigger than the bride’s maid’s flowers.


By the end of the day, the sun did come out for about 20 minutes and we grabbed a few shots at the reception location. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!



It was such a blast to shoot this wedding! Thanks Jessalyn and Tom for choosing me to capture your incredible day!

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  1. We finally got to view these and read your blog. You are such a blessing John and your work just continues to get better and better. You are in the right business! (Peg) Matt says the window shot is FABULOUS and very creative! What fun!

  2. Incredible John….speechless
    Love the shot looking down on the bride in the sanctuary, and the shot of them inside, and the one outside on the golf course…love em all.

  3. Beautiful John… the rain didn’t slow you down at all 🙂 And great job on the flowers!! I am sure you made the bride’s day! Beautiful, beautiful!

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