It’s been an incredible week here in the Central Coast of California. The sun is shining, its warm (which is different from when the sun shines in Michigan in March)… and we’ve had such a relaxing time with our family out here. We spent about 4 days in the San Luis Obispo area in central California and stayed in a cute little place only a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

March is a great time to visit California because all the rain from January and February start to taper, and all the hills are a blanket of beautiful green. Unfortunately the green only lasts a short time, and then turns to brown from the summer heat… so if you want to visit California… go in March.



This is a shot from Cayucos where my brother and his family live. Believe it or not, this view is only a 5 minute walk from the driveway of their home. The “Island like” rock in the distance is Moro Bay, about a 5 to 8 minute drive from Cayucos.


Here is the highlight from one of our days in Cayucos … a trip to the beach! Amy bought some cute sunglasses for Lexi, and Kenya (Lexi’s 9 month old cousin) gave her this hat that Kenya had outgrown. A recipe for some photo cuteness. : )






Here are Amy and Lexi together.


Ahh… the California sand between our toes… well lexi’s toes here in the photo.


Lexi touches the shores of the cold Pacific Ocean for the first time.





On the way home I had to snap this creative campaign to help keep the beach clean…


Love the street sign!


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  1. your little girl is getting so big!!! looks like it was a beautiful trip!!! good timing before the busy wedding season…

  2. awesome photos! lexi is so stinking cute…her dimples just kill me! and the hat and sunglasses? there are no words!

    the scenery looks amazing…i am envious!

  3. Lexi is getting so big! She is beautiful! She’s a pretty good blend of both of you. I love the pic of her and Amy getting ready to walk into the water.

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