It seems like Michigan has been seeing an above average amount of snow this winter season, and last week I had a little adventure battling the elements on my way to a photoshoot.  With most of the schools in West Michigan shut down from the storm that went through the night before, the roads were pretty bad when I left in the morning… but not unbearable. Traffic was fairly light once I was south of downtown on 131 so I grabbed a quick video with my phone. 

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/VIDEO_009.flv” width=”176″ height=”144″ /]

However one I got off 131 things started not looking so good.

[flashvideo filename=”/tv/VIDEO_010.flv” width=”176″ height=”144″ /]

After going about 5 miles from 131, I had to make a few turns and I stopped the car an debated if I should continue or call the shoot off.  Normally I would have driven my 4-wheel drive Ford Explorer, but it was “totaled” in an accedent (not my fault) about a week prior, so I was my stick shift 2-wheel drive VW Beetle… which isn’t a good winter car at all.  Here’s a picture I took (with the car stopped) about 5 miles from my destination.  Notice how bad the visibility is!
cs027626.jpgThe last 5 miles got progressively worse and I didn’t dare risk taking more shots or video or I would have ended up in a ditch or stuck in the snow.  The last 1/2 mile in particular had not been plowed and I did my best to follow some tire tracks in about 11 inches of snow all over the road.  Had I stopped for any reason, I don’t think I could have gotten the car to start moving again… and there was no way to turn back … so I pressed on!I did manage to arrive at my destination and get some great shots of a home that my client designed and built.  Here are a few quick favorites.




After I finished photographing and creating a video tour of the home, I made my way about 10 miles north to capture a 2nd home. Fortunately the roads and weather were a lot better, and I grabbed a few fun winter shots along the way (again with the car pulled safely off the side of the road) 🙂


As bad as this next one looks, it was actually VERY clear compared to what I drove to the 1st home on.


Here is a favorite shot from the 2nd home.


In the end, it was a great day and well worth the trip.  Now all I have to do is try to find a replacement for my truck… Anyone know of any good deals? : )  Craigs list here I come!

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  1. Hey, these houses look familiar! 🙂 Can’t wait till you can get pictures of this next house that is almost done, its amazing.

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