Where did 5 months go!  What a journey its been watching her change and learn new things, and now at 5 months old its hard to imagine life without her.  Here are some progress pictures my wife took to document her growth these last 5 months.


1 month old – trust me she didn’t sleep as often as most newborns. : )


2 months old – she wasn’t happy that day


3 months old – yay smiles are here!  And she’s got those cute dimples!


4 months old – now enter the giggles.  It’s hard to imagine a better sound in the world.


5 months – Can you say little princess?  She’s going to be off to kindergarten before I can say “smile for daddy”.

It’s seriously been an amazing ride.  While month number 1 was extremely difficult, I miss so much the “newborn chest sleeping” that only small newborns will do.  It was so hard not having any real interaction, eye contact or smiles, but when she would fall asleep on my chest it made it all worth it.  Month 2 started pretty rough as all our “family help” had left, and sleep seemed to be at an all time low.  But towards the end of the month she started smiling, and wow that makes all the difference.  Months 3 through 5 seem like a blur to me.  We got into a decent sleep pattern over time, and the smiles became more and more frequent.  Naps didn’t really kick in well though until late into month 3, but once a nap routine started life was so much easier. 

Alexa loves to laugh and smile.  I admit I haven’t spent a lot of time around other newborns, but I’ve never seen a child smile so much in my life.  Her first reaction when I walk in a room and look at her is not just a huge smile, but most of the time a laugh to goes along with it.   She’s such a blessing to Amy and I, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Anyway I thought I’d post an update for those who’ve been asking. : )  I’ll try and post pictures more often so be sure to keep checking back. : )

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  1. Oh, and you don’t know the definition of heart wrenching until you’re on a road trip and teary 3 year old girl says on the phone “Daddy, I miss you, please come home!”.

  2. Although those first couple of months are taxing – to say the least. I think you will agree with the Psalmist who said,
    “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. {4} Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hands. {5} How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them! (Psa 127:3-5a NLT). Too bad most of us have a hard time believing this. I know I did.

  3. Little John….that’s what I call her. She is so precious and I love that she has Amy’s dimples. Your birthday was wonderful friend! AGAIN AND AGAIN…..I am so very happy you were born! And I think I can speak for all of us that know you when I say that. You are a blessing! Susie

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